Evaluate the Future of Fossil Fueled Generation with

Plan for the rapidly-changing future of natural
gas-fired and coal-powered generation. Evaluate the Future of Fossil Fuels with
data updated daily.
Fossil Fuels Tracker offers a user-friendly online interface to quickly download
up-to-date plant and unit data reports on coal plant retirements, environmental/emission
control/compliance projects and proposed fossil-fueled electric plants:
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North American Coal-Fired Power Plant Retirements

A tracker of all North American coal-fired power plants that have been and will be retired.
(updated daily)

Power Projects

A tracker of all new North American coal-fired, clean coal and gas-fired power plants that have been proposed or are in development or under construction.
(updated daily)

Charts and Analysis

Multiple charts of the coal plants that have been or will be retired, and of fossil-fueled generation projects.
(updated weekly)

Environmental Controls
at Power Plants

A tracker of all existing, in development and planned emission control projects at fossil-fueled power plants.
(updated weekly)

Fossil Fuels Tracker provides the in-depth intelligence and analysis you need for short- and long-term
planning in the rapidly shifting electric utility industry landscape. More than just numbers and data, Fossil Fuels
Tracker provides reliable, up-to-the minute information for strategizing, maximizing opportunities
and projecting an energy future with increased demand, evolving technologies
and ever-changing regulation.
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